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Fear of Flying DVD video Prepare to Fly Fear of Flying DVD video
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Flying affects everyone differently. Although many people enjoy flying, nearly everyone has felt a little nervous at some time. Statistics show that the fear of flying is rather common. Those who suffer can experience sleeplessness, anxiety, and panic attacks. Fearful flyers can miss out on vacations and business opportunities. Friends and family often don't understand.

If you donít have the facts to explain what is happening, your imagination will naturally take over.

It is reasonable to feel trapped, out of control, or to be startled by that unexpected patch of turbulence, or a strange sound or feeling after take off. A strong fear of flying can be caused by a disturbing event in flight (turbulence, etc.). If you experienced a frightening event and believed you were truly in danger of losing your life, you might have developed a lasting anxiety.

Many people become more nervous about flying with age. We become more aware of just how fragile and dear life is. Also, people who are nervous flyers tend to have a strong imagination or a need to feel in control.

Having children can change how you view flying. Itís natural to feel protective.

You are not being irresponsible by letting your kids see the world. Flying is safe and many thousands of families fly every day. Kids usually love flying, and it feels great when they ask you a million questions on the plane. With this video you will have the knowledge to answer them. Be a hero in their eyes!

If you learn more about unfamiliar situations and become convinced that you can handle those situations fear will naturally subside.

Fear of Flying DVD Video
"Most definitely a winner! My husband is not a fearful flyer. We watched it together, enjoyed it thoroughly and he was surprised at what he learned from it. I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone who feels nervous about flying. Great job Captain!"

"I found the DVD to be excellent. It impressed me as to just how well it was made. The DVD is filmed in many locations with a wide variety of airline staff and even some passengers. There has been a lot of work put into it - far beyond what I expected and it's very detailed. I'd recommend it to anyone who was considering it - it's not just the course information in another format. I watched it before both of my last two flights and it really helped."

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Ideal for the first time flyer, the extremely nervous flyer, or the experienced traveler who wants to learn exactly what goes on behind the scenes. With help from industry experts you'll learn coping skills while safely experiencing all the sights and sounds of jet travel. For those who have trouble even thinking about flying, Prepare to Fly gently guides you through every aspect of flight.

Prepare to Fly is brought to you by Captain Stacey Chance, author of the free online Fear of Flying Help Course and book Wings of Discovery. With years of feedback from students of the online course, this new video addresses all common concerns passengers must deal with.

Stop worrying about your next flight and prepare to feel better now!

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The DVD is divided into ten chapters allowing repeated viewing of topics of interest -

Chapter 1. Emotional Effects of Flying:
Panic Attacks - Control - Claustrophobia - Children - Imagination - Overwater - Noises - Heights - Coping Tips & Skills

Chapter 2. Physical Effects of Flying:
Motion Sickness - Xanax - Lorazepam (Ativan) - Bonine - Jet Lag - Ear Pain - Clots (DVT) - Flying w/Babies & Pregnant

Chapter 3 Aviation Professionals:
FAA - ICAO - Air Traffic Controllers - Mechanics - Airline Pilots - Pilot Medical Examiner - Dispatchers - Flight Attendants

Chapter 4 The Plane:
Aircraft Design - Jet Engines - Maintenance Inspections - Fuel System - Hydraulics - Pressurization - Fire - Electrical

Chapter 5 The Basics of Flight:
What Holds the Plane Up - What if Engines Quit - Turn - Climb - Descend - Glide - Flaps - Speed Brakes - Stability

Chapter 6 Weather:
Fog - Clouds - Rain - Snow - Ice - Thunderstorms - Lightning Strikes - Windshear - RADAR - Autoland

Chapter 7 Turbulence:
Mountain Wave - Convective - Wake - Air Pockets - Plane Plummeting - Jet Stream - What Pilots Do During Turbulence

Chapter 8 Safety & Security:
Statistics - New Technology - What You Can Do - Investigations - Why Planes Crash - Media - Security - Birds

Chapter 9 Planning Your Flight:
Choosing an Airline - Choosing Your Seat - Safest Seat - Best Time to Fly - Long Overwater Flights - Flying w/Kids

Chapter 10 Complete Flight:
Sights, Sounds & Sensations of - Boarding - Taxi - Takeoff - Climb - Cruise - Turb - Descent - Aborted Landing - Landing

Prepare to Fly is the most comprehensive and interesting video ever made on commercial air travel. A must see for everyone who flies and great to share with kids and friends. Now you can be the most relaxed and knowledgeable passenger on the plane!

Includes Interviews With:
4 Airline Pilots
1 Retired Captain
5 Flight Attendants
2 Airline Mechanics
2 Airline Dispatchers
1 Air Traffic Controller
2 Physicians
2 Therapists
4 Nervous Flyers
2 Frequent Flyers

Includes Video From:
Inside & Outside of Airport Terminals
Ticket & Gate Areas
Boarding Lounge, Jetbridge & Entry Door
Aircraft Interior - Cockpit & Cabin
Views From Passenger Windows
Views From Cockpit Windows
Aircraft Exterior - Ground & Flight
Air Traffic Control Tower
Aircraft Maintenance Hangar
Pilot Operations

Fear of Flying DVD Video

Fear of Flying DVD video

Fear of Flying Help Course

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